Devastated at age eight for not being in college already, she figured the only way to overcome not being a prodigy child was to trick people into thinking she was smart. Somehow she tricked herself too and was not only at the top of her class throughout her entire education, but also qualified for Mensa when she was 16. No, she didn't get to skip 11 grades as she originally planned but she still skipped far enough ahead to soothe the blow.

Her family moved to New Hampshire near the Massachusetts border when she was a kid so being in an Italian family from the Bronx, she was one of the first Red Sox fans in her line and had to know her facts well enough to hold her own! Moving back to NY as a teenager didn't sway her loyalty to Boston either--and she has the t-shirts full of mustard and food stains thrown by Yankees fans to prove it!

She learned how to yodel because she had very patient parents who somehow didn't kill her while she spent hours wailing crazy notes in the garage. It also helped that instead of being next to neighbors, she grew up next to a cemetery. And so the complaints were kept to a minimum.  

She loves the newspaper! It's an indispensable part of her routine. Up before the sun, she makes coffee in her faithful French press and rustles through those beautiful, ink-filled pages! 

Yes, she appreciates the evolution of technology and how it provides up-to-the-second news coverage but most of it is as sustaining to her as Froot Loops Marshmallow cereal--high on sugar, low on fiber. She's cool with being in the 50+ category in regards to her adoration of the good ol' morning paper. And also in regards to fiber intake. 

She has been known to scale hallways and doorways like Spiderman whenever she gets the chance. But not when she's in a skirt. She's a lady. 

She learned at an early age that if you say "cabbages" when you have an impending sneeze, it will stop the sneeze in its tracks! Seems insignificant but one random day you'll remember this pearl of wisdom when you need it and thank her. In silence.

The short of the long is that Linzi is a very happy girl who feels we're all meant to satisfy our dreams. She feels an unspeakable appreciation to the world in which she lives and thanks you for being a part of it with her!